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In­te­gra­ti­on Information about Aging Surveys

Funding: National In­sti­tute of Health (weiterleitungsvertrag mit UKD)
Project Leader: Christian Deindl & Morten Wahrendorf
Team: Markus King & Nehle Penning
Funding period: 1.01.2022-31.03.2022

Overall Project Leader: Gateway to Global Aging Data


  • Wahrendorf, Morten, Christian Deindl, Sidney Beaumaster, Drystan Phillips, and Jinkook Lee (2022): Harmonized CHARLS Life History Documentation. Los Angeles: Gateway to Global Aging Data
  • Wahrendorf, M., Deindl, C., Lee, J., & Phillips, D. (2023). Life history data from the gateway to global ageing data platform: resources for studying life courses across Europe. European Journal of Ageing, 20(25).